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The concrete contractor in Tampa that you are going to want to trust with the driveway repairs and driveway installations that you need at your property are right here at Tampa Area Concrete. We are the leading team of concrete contractors in Tampa, Florida, and this is because we are fully committed to each and every project that we complete. This means that we do not take shortcuts, and this also means that we focus on offering you timely solutions that are going to fully align with your needs. A driveway is an important surface that needs to be durable for many years to come. As such, leave it to us to provide you with the dependable outcome that you have been hoping for.

Driveway Concrete
There are a few different types of concrete that can be sued for your driveway. Whether you want to have stamped concrete or stained concrete, you will be able to count on our team to get you the solution that you have been hoping for. We are fully focused on getting this work done in the best way possible, and we want to ensure that we provide you with outcomes that are fully aligned with your nee. Our team is committed to this work, and we are also committed to ensuring that the driveway at your property is everything that you hoped that it could be.

When the time comes for you to get a brand-new driveway, make sure you turn to a team of professionals who are going got be able to help you through it all. The team that is going to be there for you is our team. We have been offering helpful solutions for many years, and we are going to be able to ensure that the brand-new driveway that you need is going to be able to last for many years to come. A brand-new surface is going to leave your property looking far better than before!

Driveway Repairs
If there are repairs that need to be done for your driveway, you are going got want to ensure that the work is thorough and reliable. The team that you are able to trust for this sort of work is our team here at Tampa Area Concrete. We have been offering helpful solutions for many years. We know how to complete this work, and we are going to provide you with optimal outcomes that are properly designed for your specific needs.

Heated Option
If you want to have a heated driveway, our team is going to be able to do that for you. We know that it may not seem necessary for our portion of the country, but sometimes it can be beneficial on days that are particularly cool or to prevent too much water from accumulating on the cement. Also, this is going to be helpful and preventative for potential damages that could happen in the future. We always like to be thorough in our work and we like to be proactive in the changes that we are making for our clients.


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The Best Types of Concrete Driveways

There are several factors that make a concrete driveway ideal for your home. One of these is the aesthetic value it will add to your property's overall appearance. At first glance, a stunning driveway makes your visitors envious and gives them the impression that they are in a luxurious setting as they enter and exit. Concrete driveways are not only more aesthetically pleasing than asphalt ones, but they are also more cost-effective in the long run. When it comes to longevity or durability, they are the best. We'll now discuss the top concrete driveway designs in Tampa FL that your house can have. These driveways are the best in terms of usability, toughness, and beauty. They are, in other words, every homeowner's dream come true.

Poured Concrete Driveways

This is ranked highly because its durability has been demonstrated to be unrivaled. Although there are other concrete driveways with a more upscale and opulent appearance to their finish, the majority of homeowners renovate their homes on a tight budget while still hoping they won't need to do so again anytime soon. It is always preferable to construct permanent homes out of durable materials that require little to no upkeep. When it comes time to sell these properties, they become valuable assets. The poured concrete driveway is a fantastic option as a result. Although it is the most expensive option on this list, it also ends up being the most cost-effective.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Because of its durable surface, which lasts for decades even without much maintenance, this type is highly praised and adored. The exposed aggregate is a mixture made up of different aggregates, such as stones, cobbles, shells, pebbles, and so forth. After that, the top layer is sanded to reveal the lovely texture of the materials used, enhancing its beauty. This is apparent after the top layer of concrete has been smoothed off. When situated close to gardens, ponds, streams, built-in aquariums, and other settings that have a natural appearance, exposed aggregate driveways look even more stunning.

Asphalt Paved Driveways

Due to its extreme durability, which is also one of the best qualities of concrete driveways, asphalt paved driveways are also among the best. Only a very small number of concrete driveways in Tampa FL can match its level of durability. It doesn't require maintenance for the duration of the estimated over 30-year usage period.

Slate Concrete Driveways

This choice also bases itself on cement. But rather than stopping there, the distinctive slated look is created by arranging hard mats with the texture of slates before the concrete fully hardens. The slate concrete driveway is then sealed with a glossy finish to give it a distinctive rich appearance.

Chip Sealed Driveways

If you love asphalt paved driveways but don't have enough money, here is an affordable alternative. When it comes to reinstallation, you only need to spend half as much as you would on an asphalt driveway. In order to install a chip sealed driveway, a base must first be prepared, filled with gravel, and then thoroughly covered with tar. Later, to finish the surface's appearance, stones are placed on top of the tar and mechanically pressed into place. Unfortunately, this procedure won't produce the smooth, even, and opulent finish that the other concrete driveways boast of. However, it compensates for this by not requiring sealing. This gives the driveway a very airy appearance and makes it simple to reflect the sun's heat. This suggests that it feels extremely cool against the feet even on warm days.

Stamped Concrete Driveways

For those who value concrete driveways in Tampa FL for their durability but also prefer other materials due to personal preferences, stamped concrete is the best option. You don't need to make a decision or a concession when using this driveway. This is due to the fact that, despite the driveway's concrete base, any look that mimics the finished appearance of materials like stone or brick can be created using molds. This driveway option is also very adaptable because it can be used in a variety of locations, including rooms, offices, verandas, roadside locations, and garages.

Interlocking Pavers

Because they fit into one another, interlocking pavers have a unique and entertaining appearance, making them very interesting types of concrete pavement. However, they require a very strong foundation before installation. This improves their toughness and keeps their aesthetics intact for a very long time. It is significant to note that since pavers tend to stain over time, maintaining this concrete option entails using pressure washing equipment to remove blemishes.

Stencil Concrete Driveways

In terms of setting, stencil concrete driveways resemble stamped concrete driveways. But instead of using stamps, they use stencils. Compared to stamped concrete driveways, they require more finesse and accuracy, but this only enhances the aesthetics. The driveway's long lifespan is ensured by the base's filling of concrete. Without having to spend as much money as it would to install the imitated driveway, the aesthetics are beautifully achieved.

The Benefits Of Installing Concrete Driveways

Compared to other building materials, concrete offers a number of benefits. The advantages of concrete driveways are listed below in case you decide to replace your current driveway in Tampa FL.

Easy To Maintain

Despite the misconception among many homeowners that concrete driveways require little upkeep, it is still advisable to keep your driveway sealed and cleaned in order to prolong its life. A hose, pressurized water, and a stiff-bristled brush are used for cleaning. Similarly, using a concrete sealer can give your concrete surface an additional layer of protection. Applying a concrete sealer to the surface of your driveway only needs to be done once a year. Applying a transparent concrete sealer to the surface of your driveway will stop water or moisture absorption. Additionally, it shields surfaces from de-icing agents that might harm concrete. It is always a good idea to seal your driveway in the fall to get it ready for the winter. By doing this, the concrete surface will be guaranteed to withstand the harsh winter weather and the road salts.

Better Reaction To Heat & Light

Asphalt driveways can be helpful in the winter because they absorb more heat, but having a hotter driveway in the summer negates this benefit. Additionally, the asphalt absorbs more heat and light thanks to its dark or grey color. Consequently, compared to a concrete surface, an asphalt driveway surface might need more artificial lighting. Contrarily, a concrete surface is much cooler than an asphalt one because it absorbs less heat from the sun. Similar to how a concrete driveway reflects light, less lighting is required when one is present. A concrete driveway in Tampa FL therefore helps your home save energy for many years to come.


The lower initial cost of an asphalt driveway is one of its advantages. However, the higher maintenance costs of an asphalt driveway may outweigh this advantage. As you can see, the asphalt's liquid binder holds the aggregates together. But because it is exposed to oxygen, UV light, water, and chemicals, this binder element is vulnerable to cracking, distortion, and disintegration. Installing concrete as a driveway surface can be more expensive than installing it with gravel or asphalt. A driveway surface installed with gravel, asphalt, or other building materials may not last as long as one made of concrete. However, how well a concrete driveway was installed will determine how long it can last. In light of this, our skilled concrete services company will guarantee that your driveway has a sturdy foundation and effectively drains water.

Environmentally Friendly

Heat between 200 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit is needed to create hot mix asphalt, which uses a lot of energy. Additionally, seal coating asphalt driveways uses more petroleum, which further depletes the planet's natural resources. Contrarily, because it requires less energy overall to produce and install, concrete is the more environmentally friendly paving material. Additionally, installing concrete on a driveway costs less in terms of energy than doing so with asphalt. In addition, concrete that has passed the 30- or 50-year mark can still be salvaged. It contains recyclable components like cement, sand, rock, and water, which can be recycled to make new driveways as needed.

Better Load-Bearing Capacity

Since concrete is a rigid material, it can support heavy loads better than asphalt can. Although your driveway in Tampa FL is only meant to be used by your cars, you never know when a heavier car might arrive at your house or garage. On an asphalt surface, trucks and heavy loads can cause flexing, which could deform the pavement layers. Asphalt surfaces are prone to deformation under heavy loads for a variety of reasons, including weak asphalt mixtures, inadequate pavement thickness, and lack of compression.

No Messy Surface Issues

The evaporative oils that leak out after an asphalt driveway installation are another concern. The soles of your shoes may become damaged as a result of the oils. Through your shoes, the greasy, sticky substances can enter your home. You don't want this to happen because cleaning may entail tiresome and challenging work. Additionally, the summer's heat will only make matters worse. Your home in Tampa FL won't be in such a situation if your driveway is made of concrete. There won't be any oily or sticky materials to worry about once the concrete has dried.

Help Sell Your Property Faster

Are you considering selling your home in Tampa FL in the near future? It's important to note that most potential buyers favor homes with concrete driveways. Some homebuyers might be prepared to pay more as a result. Driveways made of other construction materials take longer to sell than driveways made of concrete. Additionally, you have a better chance of recovering some of your initial investments in the future.

Highly Customizable

Concrete driveways of today don't just have to be grey and flat like most people still imagine. Your concrete driveway can be personalized with distinctive patterns and eye-catching hues. Stamped concrete can mimic the opulent appearance of brick or cobblestone driveways in terms of texture. Your driveway can appear to have been constructed with the most expensive materials by using stamped concrete. To learn more about decorative concrete, speak with your nearby concrete contractor. Most of them have a gallery of design templates from which you can select if you want a nice driveway that raises the curb appeal of your house.

Easy Ice & Snow Removal

A concrete driveway is much simpler to clear of ice and snow than one made of asphalt, pavers, and gravel. You'll be grateful to have a driveway in Tampa FL that is simple to maintain all year long as snowy winters come and go.

Consult With Pros Of Concrete Driveways Today

Concrete is a sensible option for your home's driveway due to its practicality, design adaptability, and durability. Another advantage of using concrete over other construction materials is the lower long-term costs. Homeowners may be able to complete the task themselves, but concrete work can be taxing. To install a concrete driveway, do the following:

  • excavation

  • forms preparation

  • pouring the concrete

  • finishing the surface

  • curing, etc. 

In summary, the correct aggregates and cement type must be chosen when installing concrete, for example, and this requires expertise. The likelihood that the project won't be done well when you do the work yourself is higher. Your driveway might need to be completely repaired or installed again as a result. In light of this, it is advised that you look for a Tampa concrete driveway expert and request a free estimate right away.


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