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We are a team of well-rounded concrete contractors in Tampa. We are known throughout the region for a range of services for concrete walkways, concrete pool decks, and even decorative concrete. We offer a vast array of services because we are highly skilled and because we have the experience necessary to provide you with awesome results. We love the work that we do, and we will provide you with the right kind of solution. A pool deck is a great place to be able to relax and unwind, o many sure you leave it to our team to complete any sort of pool deck work that is required.

Textured Concrete
A pool deck is the place that you can go to in order to relax after a long day. It is also the place that you can rest under the sun and work on your tan. The pool is also a place where children like to run around and play. If you want to ensure that the pool deck is as safe as possible, make sure you hire our team to come by and provide you with textured concrete pool deck services.

Improved Decks
If you already have a pool deck, but if you want to improve the overall quality and durability of the pool deck, make sure you get in contact with our team of professionals. We will ensure that we provide you with high-quality solutions, and we will also ensure that we get the job done in a timely manner. There are not any setbacks or delays that you are going to need to worry about. Instead, you can leave it to our team to figure everything out for you. Our team is ready to provide you with services for an improved pool deck.

Multiple Projects
If there are multiple projects that need to be completed at your property, let our team know. We are going to be able to get straight to work, and all the while, we are going to be able to provide you with a discounted rate for the work that we do. Our team has been around for a while and we know that there are many different aspects of the work that need to be optimized. When you hire us for multiple projects at one time, we will be able to provide you with a better rate because we are able to make our workflows more efficient.

Customer Service
Tampa Area Concrete the entire time that you work with us I going to be a reliable and helpful experience. We always like to ensure that we are putting the needs of the client first. This means that we are going to provide you with exceptional customer service, and this also means that we are going to complete this work without setbacks or delays. We are always focused on completing this in the best way possible because we know that you are able to fully enjoy the outcomes long after we are done. We are also the team that you can trust if there are every any concrete tasks that need to be done in the future.

Signs Your Concrete Pool Deck Needs Replacement

A pool is a lovely focal point for any house or neighborhood. It might serve as a hub for gatherings during weekends and holidays or at special events. However, it needs routine upkeep and maintenance, just like any facility that is used by lots of people. We'll now list the most frequent problems that pool decks encounter so you can decide whether to replace or repair them.

Cracks On The Surface

Your pool deck is not resistant to deterioration. You will undoubtedly start to notice symptoms of exposure to the elements over time. This is particularly true if your facility is situated in a warmer climate or if you frequently use your pool. Nevertheless, normal wear and tear will cause hairline cracks in the concrete, which can be fixed with sealant. However, if your concrete has more significant cracks, you might require a new deck or more involved repairs. To determine what should be done in multiple areas that have significant damage, you should have that evaluated by a professional like Tampa Area Concrete. Inadequate pouring during installation, the use of inferior materials, or unstable soil beneath the deck can all result in cracked concrete.

Puddles Form On The Deck

If water accumulates on your poolside deck, you might have a drainage issue. To allow water to slope away from the pool and into the drainage, decks are typically built at a slight angle. The water that splashes on the deck will most likely remain and form a puddle if the concrete was not installed at a significant slope. Puddling promotes the development of algae and mold, which makes the deck slick. Additionally, standing water can seep into cracks in the concrete and exacerbate them. The pool will then sustain long-term damage as a result of poor draining combined with cracked concrete. Pressure can build up in the soil as a result of the deck allowing water to enter through its cracks, which inevitably has an impact on the pool's structure.

Nearby Areas' Soil Has Changed

A pool buried in the ground requires strong support because it is heavy. Your ground could move if it is not compacted and ready to support the weight of the pool itself. In addition to this, soil shift typically happens when tree roots encroach into the pool's surrounding area or when there is loose soil underneath the main pool structure. It's critical to address soil instability right away because it has an impact on the foundation of your deck and pool. Shifts can also lead to problems with drainage and concrete cracking.

Pool Deck Replacement

The area surrounding your pool that you can furnish with lounge chairs, tables, and other furniture is called your pool deck. The deck serves as the framework for the design and swimming area of your pool. We at Tampa Area Concrete can swap out your outdated pool deck in Tampa FL for one that is more contemporary. Your pool deck will be transformed using the design you choose. We demolish your current deck and install a stronger concrete deck in its place. We can coordinate the color of your deck furniture with the paint on your house to create a striking visual effect. Make your choice of a stamped concrete overlay for additional customization and beauty.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

You probably want to reopen your pool for the summer as the days grow warmer. Consider resurfacing your pool deck right away! Your backyard's appearance is revitalized using this low-cost method. Any cracks or issues are also fixed at this time to get your pool ready for the summer. Your pool will be transformed into a secluded resort by Tampa Area Concrete using the colors and patterns you choose. The actual procedure is easy and quick. The edge of your pool is covered with a thin layer of concrete. You can mix any color you like with the wet concrete. If possible, coordinate the color of your deck furniture with the paint on your house to create a striking visual effect.

Make your choice of a stamped concrete overlay for additional customization and beauty. The texture and appearance of more expensive materials are imitated by these overlays. Your pool has a resort feel thanks to the elaborate scrollwork. Planked wood has a western-inspired appearance that can be enjoyed without the upkeep or expense of real wood. There are also brick and flagstone patterns available. Any additional concepts you may have for the ideal pool deck can be supported by Tampa Area Concrete. With colored and stamped concrete, the design options are virtually endless. The thin layer of concrete that is applied dries quickly. Projects to resurface pool decks are completed much more quickly thanks to concrete restoration. The end result is a sturdy, lovely space where you can cool off while soaking up the sun.

Resurfacing your pool deck is a great way to fix any cracks that may have developed due to the freeze-thaw cycles of the winter. It also makes your swimming area more attractive. Additionally, materials can be used to make your pool deck safer. The anti-slip glaze gives swimmers peace of mind. The sun's glare won't cause any fading as long as you have UV protection. Discover the advantages of pool deck resurfacing to get more out of your pool this summer!

Pool Deck: Resurface or Replace?

For pool decks that are frequently used, stains, cracks, discolorations, chips, and wearing are all inevitable. Fortunately, none of these conditions necessitate replacing your pool deck concrete entirely with a new one. Concrete pool deck replacement is very expensive and frequently unnecessary because most problems can be fixed by resurfacing. What warning do signs indicate that resurfacing is the best course of action?

  • Surface-level cracks like those in a spider web

  • Weathering

  • Sun damage led to discoloration.

  • water erosion in a pool

  • stains, peeling or lifting

Pool Deck: Repair or Replacement?

You might choose to make your own repairs if you discover cracks, puddles, or soil shifting around your pool. However, delegating this task to professionals saves time and enables you to spot additional issues that you might have missed. We at Tampa Area Concrete can fix your shifted soil issues as well as fix improper slopes using specialized tools. Other factors besides those already mentioned can also cause soil to shift. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for soil instability, so our technician will offer a variety of solutions depending on the problem. On occasion, you might need to skip replacement in favor of repair. This may be a quicker and less expensive solution for widespread soil shifting or cracks. Our concrete specialists were able to put several safety precautions in place thanks to replacement. Our Tampa concrete experts, for example, can install the necessary reinforcements if your soil is not uniform so that your pool does not cause the ground to shift.

Pool Deck: Popular Decorative Finishes

Broom Finish

The broom finish is the most typical and affordable method of treating a concrete deck. Our crews use strong-bristled horse-hair brooms to brush across the top of the freshly poured concrete surface as it hardens, giving it a light texture. The bare minimum that needs to be done to provide a pool deck with enough traction for safety is this. Your deck may benefit from a subtle broom finish. If you would rather have more dimension and texture, ask our decking contractor if they can run the broom in a number of different directions to produce scalloped or diamond-shaped patterns.


Stenciling is a decorative design method that can be used instead of stamping and is much more precise. Custom-made, disposable paper stencils are used in the procedure to etch distinctive designs onto the recently laid concrete. For instance, stencils can imitate the appearance of individually mortared bricks or natural stones when used in conjunction with adding the right color to the concrete mix. Because stenciling requires more time and labor, the cost is higher. Organize your finances. However, this method typically results in a beautiful appearance for less money than using actual brick or stone.

Coloring Concrete Deck

By coloring the concrete, any finish, smooth or textured, can be given more style. In the past, coloring a concrete deck with outdoor, waterproof paint was a common practice. After the material had time to set, crews painted the deck. However, heavy foot traffic will result in paint flaking, chipping, and wearing away over time. Additionally, the paint may be slick. For these reasons, painting concrete pool decks is no longer advised. Nowadays, coloring concrete is a better strategy. While the concrete mixture is still wet, workers add colored powders to it. Before the deck is poured, color can be distributed evenly by blending and "impregnating" it into the mixture. The end result is a more uniform coloring. We will provide advice on whether this is a good strategy based on the cost and best practices in your area. By using this method, your deck's color will probably be a distinctive combination of the colored concrete and its original gray hue. Homeowners can get a good idea of the color range they can expect from color charts. Though no two decks with the same additional color will be identical, bear that in mind. 

Stamped Concrete

We can make the wet concrete's surface visually resemble the shape of various materials, such as tile, brick, or stone, by imprinting patterns into it using pattern molds. Additionally, the stamp forms can take on a wide range of patterns, just like genuine material. Choosing one from the numerous stamp and color options may be challenging. One strategy is to choose a color that complements or matches the hues used in your landscaping or on the exterior of your home. Additionally, think about how the color of your deck will contrast with the interior tile and pool color. The pool coping and overall poolscape should match the texture and pattern of the stamp. For instance, natural freeform pools typically benefit from patterns that resemble rocks. An angle-filled geometric pool may look better with a brick-like treatment. There aren't many strict design guidelines, and occasionally breaking them has the best results. Our crews can seal the deck's surface after stamping it to make it waterproof. It can also add traction and become skid-resistant if they use a sealant with special additives. A stamped concrete deck needs to have a nearly flat surface; otherwise, patio furniture may not fit well on the deck if the pattern outlines are too deep.

Salt Finish

A salt finish might be right for you if you want to give your deck's surface more texture and slip resistance. This simple technique, which is difficult to master, can be used on both plain and colored concrete. As soon as the broom is finished, the crew applies it while the deck is still wet. Spreading coarse rock salt over the freshly poured concrete in an even layer is the next step. The pea-sized salt chunks are then pressed into the surface by workers using rollers. After the concrete hardens, workers remove the salt with a power washer, leaving behind a pattern of speckling shallow indentations. A salt finish typically works best in more temperate climates. This indented pattern may crack when the temperature drops below freezing in areas where seasonal temperature changes greatly.

Exposed Aggregate

The first step in this option is to add tiny colored stones and pebbles to the wet concrete mixture. After that, deck workers wash away the polished, cement-rich surface to reveal the aggregate, giving the deck a pleasing appearance. The option of hand-seeding colored aggregate into the concrete might be more expensive, but many homeowners think the attractive result is worth the cost. The stones and pebbles used as aggregate in deck concrete are available in a variety of hues and sizes, ranging from about three-eighths to three-quarters of an inch. The exteriors of the stones and pebbles are either machine-polished or left unpolished. The deck will be better and more comfortable to walk on with bare feet if polished ones are added rather than raw ones. Experts also advise using small stones with a diameter of less than half an inch because they are easy on the feet.


A decorative coating is an additional choice for pool decks made of concrete. These blends come in a huge variety of colors and can be transparent, opaque, or translucent. Numerous coatings have performance advantages in addition to adding color and texture to the concrete. They may be heat-, slip-, and waterproof. Some even add another defense against the development of algae and mildew. To create a finish that is incredibly uniform and consistent, contractors trowel the coating mixture over hardened concrete. These coatings are offered by a variety of producers. A polymer-modified overlay is another kind of decorative coating to take into account. Our crews spray this substance over the concrete's surface in layers after it has dried. In some instances, our concrete contractors can use a stenciling technique in conjunction with a coating to produce a pattern or, more precisely, gaps that resemble grout lines. 

Call Now The Professional Pool Deck Resurfacing & Repairs

Most homes feature a pool as one of their top-selling points, and owners take pride in having one. But it also frequently gives rise to worries, particularly when there are problems that jeopardize its stability. You should have a professional look into your pool deck if there are concrete cracks and puddles because those are indicators that it needs to be repaired or replaced. Our experts at Tampa Area Concrete provide a range of options for pool decks in different situations. We will make sure that our finished product endures for decades after us as a team of highly qualified and skilled concrete professionals. You don't have to rip out your outdated concrete and install the new one!

We can use expertly executed resurfacing techniques to improve your current concrete pool deck. We are committed to making sure your pool deck feels and looks great. Our team has seen every repair there is and has thoroughly completed each one. In Tampa, FL, Tampa Area Concrete is a reputable concrete contractor with years of experience in the construction of high-quality, creative structures. So get in touch with us right away to find out how we can assist you if you're looking for concrete pool deck experts in Tampa, FL.


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