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Repairs and Resurfacing

Any sort of concrete repairs or concrete resurfacing work that needs to be done should be left to concrete professionals in Tampa who know what they are doing. The leading concrete contractors in Tampa, Florida are going to be found right here at Tampa Area Concrete. We are the leading team of professionals, and we are also known as the leading masonry contractors around. This means that we are equipped with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to provide high-quality results. The work that we do is going to leave your property looking great, and it is also going to ensure that you have an outcome that you can count on for many years to come.   

Damage Source
The source of the issue is going to be determined before we start any sort of repair and resurfacing work. This is because we need to know what is causing the issue before we can provide you with a repair that is going to last. We are not going to try to provide you with a temporary fix. Instead, we are going to address the root cause of the problem. By working in this way, we are able to ensure thy you never have to stress about the issue happening again. We are going to attack the root cause and then you will be able to get repairs that are truly beneficial and reliable.

Meticulous Team
When our team is working for you, they are hyper-focused on getting the work done in the best way possible. We know that we need to be meticulous every step along the way because it provides us with the opportunity to be able to get things done without hesitations or delays. Also, we are going to ensure that we bring you high-quality results that are the same quality work that we would want to have on our homes or the homes of our family members.

Resurfacing Process
When it comes to resurfacing work, our team follows a meticulous process that is helpful and beneficial. We like to be thorough in this work because we know that it contributes to the overall façade of your property. We also like to be through because we are enhancing the overall reliability and durability of your property. Our team has the right kinds of tools and products to enhance the overall quality of the surface. As such, we are going to implement strategies and protocols that are going to leave you with a resurfaced area that looks better than it ever has before!

Fleet Vehicles
When we come to your property, we are going to be in fleet vehicles that are fully stocked. All of the work cars that we have are filled with items and materials that we are able to use for your benefit. Our team is committed to this work because we know that it contributes to the overall sturdiness of your property. We do not like to be delayed throughout the workflow. As such, we ensure that all of the fleet vehicles have everything that we need in order to work optimally.

Concrete Resurfacing in Tampa FL

Your concrete countertop or floor may occasionally require a complete resurfacing rather than a repair, for whatever reason. Once more, we can be of assistance by consistently providing high-quality work. These jobs, like all of our work, are completed by our highly qualified craftsmen using our own time-tested methods, and they are all covered by our extensive public liability insurance. We also understand that resurfacing concrete requires a substantial amount of work, so we are always happy to go over jobs in detail and find out what our clients need before we begin. Request a free, no-obligation quote from us today to learn more about our wide range of concrete care services, or feel free to contact us with any other inquiries you may have. And don't let maintenance worries deter you from installing a concrete surface—or any other natural stone—in your home or place of business. We're prepared to assist.

How To Resurface Concrete?

Step 1. Concrete Cleaning

  • A mechanical device with high pressure of roughly 3500 psi cleans concrete.

  • Because a clean surface has a better ability to bond with new materials, this process is used to remove dust, algae, and other dangerous materials.

Step 2. Patch Spelled Areas

  • A resurfacer is used to fill those holes in damped concrete.

  • In a five-gallon bucket, combine one part water and seven parts resurfaced to create resurfaced.

  • Then, we must fill that space and use a trowel to level the surface.

Step 3. Spread the Resurfacer

  • Resurfaced is used to fill in the walkway joints.

  • Only 20 minutes are available for using the resurfaced.

Step 4. Trowel Operation

  • Spreading the resurfacer is done with a trowel operation.

  • The resurfacer is ¼ to ⅛ inch thick.

  • To use it again, we'll need a total of six hours.

Types of Concrete Resurfacing

There are various forms of concrete resurfacing.

  • Stamped Overlays. Concrete resurfacing with stamped overlays adds texture and aesthetic appeal. Only already-existing concrete is used for this.

  • Pool Deck Resurfacing. This is how damaged concrete is repaired. A thin layer of cement, sand, polymer, and resin is used in this process.

  • Concrete Crack Repair. One of the most significant procedures for filling cracks with repair materials is this one.

  • Driveway Repair. Naturally, a driveway doesn't require maintenance, but occasionally it does.

  • Resurfacing Patios. The cement-based overlay, which is robust and long-lasting, accomplishes this.

  • Resurfacing Products. The market offers a wide variety of ready-made resurfacing products in this category.

Concrete Repair in Tampa FL

Concrete is very resilient, as we've seen, but it's not unbreakable. Along with other problems, concrete cracks are repairable, and an uneven floor in a public area is a trip hazard. Clearly, this is a job that should be left to a concrete repair expert. For all of your concrete flooring requirements in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial, turn to Tampa Area Concrete. When it comes to fixing concrete cracks, we are fully aware of what must be done to remove unsightly damage. We have the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out efficient, in-depth concrete repairs, and we promptly respond to inquiries to ensure that repairs are carried out as soon as possible. In the process of concrete repair, the internal issues of the concrete are resolved. There are various concrete repair methods available, including:

How To Repair Concrete?

Epoxy Injection

  • One method of repairing concrete is epoxy injection. It is used where the cracks in the concrete are no larger than 0.002 inches or 0.05 mm.

  • Epoxy resins are introduced into the cracks and exposed to the concrete surface during this process.

  • Epoxy injections are used to repair cracks in construction projects like bridges, dams, and buildings. Epoxy resin techniques require a high level of labored skill.

Routing and Sealing of Cracks

  • Where structural repair is not used, routing and sealing are applied.

  • This is used in areas where the concrete's face has cracks. A plane surface is better for sealing than one that is curved.

  • Epoxies, urethanes, silicone, polysulfide, asphaltic material, polymer mother, etc. are among the materials used in sealants.


  • Another concrete repair technique is stitching.

  • Two holes are drilled on either side of the concrete cracks during this procedure. The crack is then kept open using steel bars.

Grouting Method

  • The wall of the gravity dam has developed large cracks.

  • This procedure uses grout made of Portland cement. Water leaks can be effectively avoided using this technique.

Which Do You Need: Concrete Repair or Concrete Resurfacing?

It's not necessary to rush into trying to replace your cracked or stained concrete. Over the past few years, concrete resurfacing services have made significant advancements. By simply resurfacing your old concrete, you could avoid having to tear it out and replace it. Concrete dyes can even be used to completely alter the color. You may be able to avoid having to pay to tear out and remove the concrete by having it resurfaced. Additionally, the expense of pouring fresh concrete and having it polished will be avoided. Old floors are also grinded and polished when they are resurfaced. As a result, you can avoid paying unnecessary costs for the removal of old concrete and the pouring of new concrete.

When To Replace or Resurface Concrete?

Concrete is a substance that has a reputation for being incredibly durable, but this does not make it damage-proof. Over time, the concrete in your home or business will deteriorate and require repairs. For concrete repair, there are two options: replacement or resurfacing. Find out which strategy works best for your circumstance by reading on. Let's first define the two concepts so you can choose the best concrete repair technique. When damage covers a large area, concrete replacement is a method of repair. This technique involves removing the damaged concrete and preparing the area for both concrete replacement and repair. Concrete resurfacing is a repair technique that involves pouring a thin layer of fresh cement over the damaged concrete to produce a smoother and newer surface.

How to Evaluate Damage to Concrete?

Check your concrete for any signs of deterioration as a first step.
Indications that your concrete needs to be replaced

  • Deep tears and wide cracks that can no longer be repaired

  • Exposure to heavy snow and ice on a regular basis can internally weaken the concrete

Indications that your concrete only requires resurfacing

  • Damages such as minute hairline cracks, chipped concrete, or scaling are evident.

  • It must still be structurally sound for the concrete slab.

Understanding The Cause Of Damage

Slab damage can happen for a variety of reasons. Factors can be controlled and cannot be controlled. Knowing the true cause will help you avoid the issue in the future or determine how strong your new concrete repair needs to be. Some of the more frequent reasons for concrete damage that needs repair include the following:

  • Underneath the concrete is tree roots.

  • Running water causing soil washout or erosion damage

  • Location

  • Heavy traffic

  • Heavy equipment

  • Weather

Finding the Right Solution

Now that the assessment is done and the cause of damage is identified, it is time to find the right product for the replacement or resurfacing.

On Resurfacing

You have a variety of products to choose from if your concrete needs to be resurfaced. Self-leveling and flowable resurfacing products are widely available today and are excellent for resurfacing concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways, and even patios. Although you can purchase these items online, it is advised that you speak with your concrete contractor because they are more knowledgeable about the various materials. To reveal the concrete's true condition, power washing the surface is recommended first. It will be simpler for you to decide what products to use and how to approach the concrete repair when you can clearly see how severe the cracks are.

On Replacement

Replacing concrete is comparable to creating it from scratch. You may decide to leave this to the professionals because this method will involve more steps, more materials, and a more thorough level of assessment.

How Much Does Resurfacing Cost?

You'll see that some repairs, like the necessary restoration of ruined floors, can be accomplished with resurfacing. But there are also problems when a replacement is necessary. Since outdoor floors take more abuse, damages may be more severe if you have outdoor concrete to repair. Because they see more foot traffic, a driveway, patio, or garage may need to have its slab replaced. Repairing a concrete driveway in Tampa FL or remodeling a garage floor are both bad examples of this. The cost of the repairs could be between $500 and $600. The cost of digging out the slabs, which requires an additional step, must be factored into the equation. You must include payloader truck expenses under this step. Additionally, this explains why some contractors frequently demand extra money. The task of finding trucks and carriers to transport materials into and out of the project site is occasionally handled by concrete contractors.

Concrete Resurfacing, Is It Right For Me?

You must assess the damage to your floors in order to decide whether concrete resurfacing is the best option. Typically, only a few times require a complete replacement of concrete. You need to keep an eye out for the following when inspecting your concrete slabs:

  • Do any of the long cracks run the entire length of the slab?

  • Are the crack's two sides at the same level?

  • The concrete slab may have begun to sink or rise to the surface.

Concrete slabs that are raised or sunk may indicate a poor concrete pour or problems with the soil underneath. The slab needs to be taken out in order to address these problems. After removal, the soil would either fill in or become compacted. The slab should be changed if one portion of the cracked concrete block is higher than the other. The usual culprits for this kind of damage are large pieces of equipment, poor preparation, or subgrade erosion.

It takes more than maintaining a pleasing aesthetic to maintain the concrete in residential or commercial settings. While it can improve the appearance of your house or place of business, it can also stop accidents and further damage from happening. In order to provide long-lasting, beautiful concrete for your property, keep an eye out for any concrete damage to your property and, more importantly, work with quality and dependable concrete suppliers and contractors. Do you need to replace or restore the concrete in your Tampa home, or business? We can assist! For many years, Tampa Area Concrete has been in the concrete industry. A successful project is guaranteed by our combination of professional services and attention to detail.


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